Due to unconscious bias, many people with disability face barriers in the workplace.

As a result, the unemployment rate for people with disability is twice that of the general population.

That’s why the Dylan Alcott Foundation is calling for us to Remove The Barrier by raising awareness of the issue and working to change perceptions of what employees with disability can achieve.

Scroll down to find out how you can help Remove The Barrier.

Employing a person with a disability can be incredibly beneficial to your workplace.

In fact, 66% of organisations who employ people with disabilities identify positive benefits

Cited in ‘Disability Confidence Survey Report 2017’, Australian Network on Disability.

People with disability stay with their companies almost one year longer than other employees

Cited in ‘A snapshot of employment of people with disability and older people in Australia’, Human Rights Commission, 2015.

90% of employees with disability record productivity rates equal or greater than other workers

Cited in Graffam, J, Shinkfield, A, Smith, K, and Polzin, U (2002). ‘Employer benefits and costs of employing a person with a disability’, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, vol. 17, pp.251-263

People with disability take an average of 7 days less leave

Over 15 months, as cited in ‘A snapshot of employment of people with disability and older people in Australia’, Human Rights Commission, 2015.

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With disabilities you have to be extraordinary, to be ordinary

— Oliver Hunter

How you can help

Whether you’re a business owner, in charge of employing or an employee there are steps you can take to remove the barrier in your workplace.


Use your voice to help spread the message to your followers and colleagues


To help you start a conversation with HR or your boss, we’ve created a simple email.


Removing the barrier is easier than you think. Here are some simple actions to help you get started.

Behind the project

Portrait of Ashleigh

In Memory of Ashleigh

The team behind Remove The Barrier would like to acknowledge the guiding role Ashleigh played in bringing this project into the world.

Sadly, Ashleigh passed away before the project was released on 4/02/2019.

Her passion to share her struggles with employment to help create better opportunities for those who follow has inspired every aspect of this what we have done.

Ashleigh didn’t want pity, or to be treated differently from anyone else. All she wanted was for everyone to be treated equally and looked at for what they can do, instead of what they can’t.

Thank you Ashleigh.
We hope we’ve made you proud.